Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knott's Ghost Town- Sad Eye Joe

No trip to Knott's Berry Farm would be complete without a visit to the town jail. Here you can see the infamous Sad Eye Joe. He's been locked up for years and years. Fortunately, he's kept a pretty good attitude about his situation. The neatest part of a visit to the jail is hearing Sad Eye Joe speak to unsuspecting guests. He looks fairly static, but he's all spunk. Inside a building next to the jail is a real live person who voices him. Little kids are always surprised to hear Joe call them by name, and they usually have no idea how he knows them. It tricked me when I was a kid too. I later learned that my father gave them man my name.

A close up of Joe. He's no wax figure, and appears to be made of wood. Not the most detailed figure ever made, but the experience more than makes up for the simple detail.

The show building with a man peeking in. The jail is out of the way, but is still very popular.

On a wall next to the jail are letters to Sad Eye Joe.

One of the letters close up. They have water damage, but most are readable.

Another letter. Small details like this is what makes the Ghost Town such a fun place to explore.

Visit the Knott's Berry Farm website here.


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