Saturday, March 31, 2007

American Heritage Wax Museum- American Humor

Here's a picture from the defunct American Heritage Wax Museum in Scottsdale Arizona. The scene represents American humor of the southwest. We see two great comedians, Bob Hope and Will Rogers, decked out in western garb. Behind them is a painting of a typical western scene. While Hope may be more well known for his "Road" Movies, there's no doubt that Will Rogers is considered a great western entertainer.


"Master of good-humored repartee and king of the wisecrack, Bob Hope for nearly 40 years has entertained in almost every major field of show business. Radio, musical comedy, movies, television- in each medium Bob Hope has achieved fame and the affection of millions.

"The great comedian was born Leslie Townes Hope in England, and was the son of a stonemason. He came to the United States as a child, and very soon was working to help the family income. He sold papers, delivered groceries, worked as a shoe clerk. Imitations of Charlie Chaplin attracted local notice, and before long he was booked into small theatres with a soft-shoe and comic patter routine. He worked hard and soon earned wider acceptance, until in 1933 he was a star on Broadway in "Roberta." His Tuesday night radio shows became a national institution, and before long he was a Hollywood personality. His "Road" pictures with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour brought delight to millions." -From Museum Guidebook


"No American was more loved than Will Rogers. His full name was William Penn Adair Rogers, he was part Cherokee Indian, and his speech and manner lost the touch of his native Oklahoma. A comedian he was, and without peer, but mostly he was a philosopher. He loved people, and the fun he poked at their frailties was always kind and tempered. From the stage, before the microphone or in his newspaper column he mused over the happenings of his era. Everything he said could raise a chuckle, but always it was profound and understanding.

"He was the youngest of seven children. He never went beyond the fourth grade, for he loved too much the cowboy's life to have patience with books and the indoors. He became an expert at twirling the rope, and was much in demand at rodeos. From there to show business was but a step, and soon to the Oklahoma cowboy came stardom, wealth and fame. Presidents and kings sought his company, and he traveled the world, bringing to each new scene his penetrating humor and always making friends. One day he set off with Wiley Post to see Alaska. The y found the shattered plane and the dead companions, and all America mourned." -From Museum Guidebook

View more information on Bob Hope here.

View more information on Will Rogers here.


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