Thursday, February 15, 2007

News- Kate Moss Figure at Madame Tussaud's

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London announced another new figure Tuesday. This time it's fashion model Kate Moss who has been immortalized in wax. Her figure, which truly looks amazing, is sitting on a Barcelona bed as if in a photo shoot. As more Madame Tussaud's are scheduled to open around the world, it is good to know that quality is still top priority.

Another view of the figure shows just how much attention went into the figure. How did they get that black dress on her?

A closer look at miss Moss.

Closer. . .

Closest. This close up shows the detail in the figure's face. I did not realize that she was still a big celebrity. I would have figured that she would have already had a figure come and go, but I suppose the museum only has so much space.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's London website here.

View more information about miss Moss here.


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