Monday, February 05, 2007

Movieland Wax Museum- Daydreams

This scene from the 1922 Buster Keaton (1895-1966) film Daydreams, is one of the smaller sets in the museum (actually just the other side of another set). The tableau shows Keaton daydreaming, but the scene once looked very different. Originally it had Keaton, in a similar pose, covered by motion picture film. His character apparently had been too busy dreaming to notice that the projector he was manning had malfunctioned. I assume the figure was moved from another section of the museum to this set to make room for another movie scene. Keaton shares this set with the figure of Charlie Chase. I guess that they are waiting for Painless Parker to finish up with the Little Rascals. It even looks like they made Keaton have a sore tooth.

A close up of Keaton's figure. They moved his arm a little to make it look like his jaw hurts. When Keaton visited the museum on January 4th 1964, they declared it Buster Keaton Day. He then donated his hat to the museum.

Some more wax Facts. Each gives more information about the famous actor. The Buster Keaton figure sold at auction for $3000, and the various props sold for $800.

Visit the Buster Keaton Society here.


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