Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Guinness World Records Museum- World's Highest Shallow Dive

This figure may be of an older record holder, but I do not know who it is. I often spend too much times admiring the figures and not reading descriptions. This shot is for the Guinness world record for the highest dive into shallow water. The record is currently held by Danny Taylor, Who past Danny Higginbottom's previous mark. However, this figure does do a good job at displaying the essence of the record. This guy looks to be from a completely different era.

Splash! I do not understand how anyone could stand trying this stunt, but I suppose making it into the record book is so desirable that the pain is worth it for him.

This shot gives a better idea of how the display is lighted. The old man is about to pull off one amazing belly flop. The record for this stunt is diving over 29.5 feet into about 12 inches of water.

Visit the Guinness World records website here.

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