Tuesday, January 23, 2007

American Heritage Wax Museum- Lincoln Assassination

(Apr 14 1865)

The American Heritage Wax Museum was located in Scottsdale Arizona, and focused its collection mainly on American historical events. Its location in the western United States meant that the museum had a large collection of western themed exhibits. However, significant events not in the west also were represented. Here, we see the assassination of President Lincoln. This tableau depicts the event just seconds before the infamous shot was fired. The president was watching the play Our American Cousin when John Wilkes Booth entered the box and shot him. Lincoln died the next day. During Booth's escape from the theater, he uttered the famous lines, "Sic semper Tyrannis".

A close up of the scene. Lincoln, and his assassination are popular subjects for wax museums. This is one of the best representations.


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