Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disneyland- The Matterhorn's Abominable Snowman

This vintage ad from 1978 previews the addition of the now famous Abominable Snowman who resides inside Disneyland's Matterhorn Mountain. Although not made of wax, Harold, as he is often referred as, is a beautifully designed figure. For nearly three decades He has been scaring unsuspecting guests who pass by in their bobsleds.

Here is the Yeti himself. Not the most animated animatronic ever built, but the addition of a strobe light helps create perceived motion. Basically, the effect tricks you into thinking more is going on than really is. Actually there are several Abominable Snowmen in the attraction, each with its own degree of fluidity.

Though he rarely leaves the mountain, here is a cast of a footprint "found" at the base of the south slope of the mountain.

And yet another footprint, this time from the North slope.

View more information on the Matterhorn Bobsleds here.


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