Tuesday, September 12, 2006

News- George Washington Wax Figures

On October 27th the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens will be opening a new Museum and Education Center, and the centerpiece of the Education Center will be the inclusion of at least 3 brand new, exquisitely modeled wax figures. This figure portrays Washington as a young 19 year old surveyor. And that's not all. The figure will be in a highly detailed set featuring trees and animatronic animals.

An aged Washington as he was during inauguration gazes proudly over the many visitors who will experience this wonderful exhibit. At 57, he is considered "The People's President".

This final image shows the three wax figures side by side. The last figure is of Washington as a General in the Revolutionary Army. The educational Center appears to be a very impressive experience. The use of highly detailed and accurate models shows how wax figures are still useful tools for recreating people from our past and present.

Read an article about the Museum here.

Visit the Mount Vernon website here.


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